Eliminating Stress and Limiting Beliefs

We are faced with a whole new level of stress right now. You know you have a grand vision and big dreams, but this gets in your way. Your limiting beliefs are tearing your confidence down. Believing you are you were not who you can be, will be is stopping you from making the progress you want.

Join the three-day, self-paced mini course. This course will discuss:

Day 1:
Coping with stress.
Recognizing the symptoms
The effects it has on your world
Techniques to turn things around

Day 2:
Limiting beliefs and BS Rules
Recognizing the negative beliefs
How to release and rewrite your beliefs
Seeing what your influences are and making adjustments

Day 3:
Carrying around your past
Why this is holding you back
Seeing a grander vision
Becoming the best of YOU

This is a small but powerful course to get you thinking differently so you can reach your goals and build your dreams. Each day is no more than 15 minutes of your time, because I know everyone is busy.

Finding your passion

Everyone wants to be passionate about something. Finding it can be a challenge though. It does not have to be. If you have something that stirs you when you think about it then your passion is in there somewhere. You just need to dig a little deeper.

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I knew years ago that I wanted to be a speaker. I wanted to see that “ah-ha” moment on people’s faces when they just realized or remembered something great about themselves. Mostly that they do have greatness within them.

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I love helping people dig deep enough to follow the path that leads to the dream. That is why I became a coach, then developed into speaking. Now, speaking is only virtual, but it is still there. If you are ready to embark on the best season of your life, but you are not sure what that entails, I am your girl.

Let us have a conversation. That is so easy, and it is fun. We will discuss what your dream may be, what may be blocking you, and how to formulate a workable plan to move you to your vision. First, we need to get past all your self-doubt and the ways you may be unconsciously holding yourself back.

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Click the button to schedule your free strategy session. We will either meet through Zoom or phone call. Your preference. But do not delay. How many years are going to pass by where you will have to say, “I should have done more?”