Follow Your Dream

Anyone who has read my articles knows I am about transforming life, manifesting, and dreams realized. I write about these things because I have witnessed firsthand that we can be, do, and have our desires. I also understand that words do not teach, experience teaches. Words do guide, inspire, and help lead to inspirations so others can experience the wonders we want in life.

What is your dream? I am not talking about becoming super wealthy by following another’s system because it worked for them. I am talking about that inkling you have had forever. The one that is so deep but has always been there. The one thing that is uniquely your own.

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Those types of dreams are also the ones that can seem the scariest. They feel too big for an ordinary life. You may think, “Who would ever listen to me?” or “I am not special enough.” Or I am not (fill in the blank) enough.”

Don’t you think that those people we admire on the world’s stage, thought the same along their way? Most people start from simple beginnings. My question is, if not you, then who?”

If not you, then who?

We are all given unique desires and dreams, just as we are all given unique talents and abilities. We need to stop holding ourselves back and talking ourselves out of it, by doing that, we are cheating ourselves, our families, and humanity.

Choosing to follow a huge dream can be scary. Courage is facing what scares us. YOU CAN BE COURAGEOUS!

Following a big dream seems so hard. I thought so also. We live in an amazing and generous universe. Many amazing things have manifested in my life. Really, everything I have wanted. Those things I want now are becoming. The key is getting myself out of the way.

When I strive and work at things, they never seem to work out as I try to figure out the “HOW,” I tend to fall flat. Over and over again. Who Can Relate? It is not until I step aside from the how and focus on the why.

The why makes things happen, not the how. I leave how for God. The more “I let go and let God,” the clearer things become, and the more the path unfolds.

Here are a few simple steps.

  1. Stop making things so hard by obsessing.
  2. Appreciate where you are. Find joy and satisfaction right now and right where you are.
  3. You must believe it before you can see it. This is faith defined as well as a staple for manifesting.
  4. Be ready to be amazed.
  5. Get out of the way.

My life is going through a new transition. I saw it begin a year ago. I knew June 2020 would be an amazing new beginning. I had no idea what it would be, just the beginning of following the big scary dream that I have held close to my heart for years. The one I felt I was not worthy of holding. I even tried to start a couple of ideas on my own. I Spent thousands and failed spectacularly. What I tried to create on my own was too small, too shallow, and an imitation of other’s dreams.

I decided to step back and have faith in the larger dream. I am learning to let God have the reigns. What is happening leaves me pinching myself to be sure I am not dreaming that I am awake.

I am getting the opportunity to be mentored by a man who is admired by millions. He has changed lives around the world. I am not even sure how he became interested in me, how we exactly crossed paths. All I know is I have a dream, and I put it out there to the universe that I am ready to be courageous and live a larger life. I am trusting God or the universe to work out the details.

Dreams can come true much bigger that we can do for ourselves. Following our dream takes faith, following inspiration, and getting out of our way. Remember, it is not about how – That leads to struggle. Following dreams is about why.

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How do you get there? I have those days where I start to worry. How can I afford it? How can I say the right thing? What can I do? Crickets chirping. I hear nothing, have no inspired thoughts.

Then I let go. The days of my most liberating meditations and prayers, the days I know I do not need to worry about how it will happen. Those are the days when the most exciting developments happen. The details are worked out for me in the background. The how is beyond my comprehension, so I stop worrying about it.

Those are the most amazing and productive days.

Remember, dreams can come true. Follow Your Heart!

A Spirit Lead Life

Many of us say we want to be the best version of ourselves, but then we let the world or life get in the way, and we just do not do what we should to be that. We spend to much time caring about everyone and everything else and not how we can be at peace, at ease with ourselves. We seem to trudge through day after day, living unconscious, just letting life happen around and to us.

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Being the best you is being authentic and caring enough about yourself not to let life throw you off track. People often think that to have a better life, they need to have something different, to do something, change or alter their way of doing things.

“I need to quit my job and become a motivational speaker, coach, master…”

To be the best of you, all you need is to be complete in who you are.

In my writing, speaking, and coaching, I take a spiritual approach because, in reality, we are more spiritual than physical. We have shut down listening and hearing the guidance of the larger part of who we are. Being your authentic self is easy if you allow it. Wearing the mask we show the world, trying to fit into the image of what we think others expect of us, is what is hard. There are so many “others” that it is defeating, frustrating, and we can never get it right.

We work hard to be, do or have to make others happy, which is impossible because they do not know either, and we are always changing in our effort to keep up with their changing expectations.

Instead of turning your focus outward, turn it inward instead. Your divine spirit, the larger part of who you are, knows you intimately. It knows your wants and desires. By taking the time to turn inward, you tap in and tune in to who you are—allowing yourself to be complete with your whole self. Let yourself be the best of yourself.

Spirit is unconditional love and infinite intelligence. It is wisdom and patience. It is kind and consistent. It is steady and unwavering. It is in this world but not of this world, not swayed by it. When you are familiar with who you are spiritually, you can easily present the best of yourself.

Masters throughout the ages have taught how to be who you are meant to be. One thing they all teach is you can do what they have done. You can live a life of ease and peace. We all have access to the same knowledge and wisdom. We are all extensions of God.

People go to seminar after seminar, church service after church service, watch YouTube videos until their batteries die, looking for one more or one last spark of wisdom to help them transcend. They want someone outside of themselves to lead them to the awareness they already hold inside. We seem to think that someone else holds the answers. Words do not teach, experience teaches, words just guide.

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If you truly want to be the best you, then by developing a relationship and opening a channel of communication with your divine spirit will lead you where you wish to be. Your spirit knows your desire to lead, teach, and motivate others. As your connection grows stronger, you will find the opportunities show up for you. You have inspirations at the right time. No matter where you are, what job you have, where you live. The opportunity to shine your light will be there. You will have a life of being a guiding light for others instead of the practiced, trying to live up to the expectations of others.

Life still happens around you, yet when you are more who you are meant to be, it flows around you smoother. You have greater ease about things that happen around you. When you live connected to your divine spirit, opportunities and inspiration abound.

A new Beginning

There comes a point in your life where you get tired of the stress and worry.

Your experience has been that life is hard. There are more bad days than good. Everything feels like a struggle

Joy Quest is the journey to leave the old behind and find your joy and satisfaction in living.

To go along with the Book “Joy Quest – 60 Days to a Happy Life” I have this authors website.

Here you will find all of the updates such as publication dates, speaking schedule, live and virtual events, the latest videos and podcasts and more.

Welcome and let’s enjoy the journey together.