New Beginnings

We planted crape myrtle trees in our yard recently. They were just little three gallon trees. I am so excited about how fast they are growing. We did not really expect to see any thing from them the first year. When I went out on my back patio this morning to enjoy my coffee I was pleasantly surprised to be greeted by new blooms of bright red.

What that brought to mind is that every day presents us with a chance to start new. Each day is a new beginning. What are you going to do with that gift? Every morning when we wake up we have a chance to remake ourselves into a new and better version.

Our natural inclination is to pick up where we left off yesterday. We wake up worrying over finances, an argument with our partner or kids, or a troubling project at work. The problem with doing that is you are not going to create a new day and a new you. You will just recreate the same as the day before. Is that what you want repeating in your life?

I love that if I have a bad day, when I go to bed at night I can leave it behind. When I wake up I am sure to start on a positive note. I wake up refreshed and grateful for everything I have. I do not even let myself think on what was wrong yesterday. Thank God, that is in the past.

I come at each day with solutions and not problems. If we focus on the problem then we are going to be holding onto those bad feelings for so much longer. If they get rooted deep enough, it can be challenging to dig them out.

In my writing of “Joy Quest” I have really put a huge focus on living a life of how to find joy and satisfaction no matter what is going on around me. I know it may sound like living with my head in the clouds (or the sand) but it really is not. I am aware of what is happening in my family, my work, and the world. I just know am at a place where I consciously choose how I am going to react to events.

I choose my reactions and how I want to feel, I do not let others or the world impose a knee-jerk reactions.

This offers a greater day (life) of greater ease and clarity.

So, if yesterday was just okay, or it was really bad, what will you do today to remake yourself so you can glide through the day feeling better. What can put a smile on your face even if things are not perfect.

Remember, Life is meant to be fun, everything is temporary and we can choose how we feel.

Enjoy your brand new day and the brand new you.

Love and Blessings,
Ashley J Spurgeon

Find a Spark of Joy

I look for joy everyday. After learning that a joyful life leads to dreams coming true I do not want to live any other way. Since I have seen this truly happen time and time again in my life I look for reasons to be happy. Here is an example of finding a spark.

I had to run to the grocery store during my lunch break today. As I was getting out of my car I heard some rather loud music. I didn’t really pay attention to what it was. My first though was those people who have very loud stereos and think that everyone would like to hear what they are listening to. That is annoyance and is old programming.

As I got closer to the store I thought it was coming from some outside speakers. It really was nice music. Instrumental recent pop songs. Actually quite pleasant and I thought that was really a nice thing for the store to do in these days of covid. I even looked for speakers but soon realized it was not the store. It was two guys in the parking lot. One was masterfully playing an electric violin and the other held a sign.

In this time of unheard of amounts of unemployment and struggle, food rationing and hardships, these guys were out bringing joy to the masses. I took this as they are there for my en-joyment. I had such a big smile on my face. I know they were inspired to be there. Maybe they were trying to think of a way to make money. Well they were obviously doing what they enjoy doing but it was still work. The guy playing had sweat dripping off of his nose and streaking his face, while his shirt was plastered to his back. Seeing his face you could see he was doing what he loved doing.

In the times of terrible hardship these people are working, out in the hot Texas sun. Finding innovative ways to make money to pay their rent and buy food and at the same time bringing joy to so many people. Everyone around was smiling. You can tell by their eyes shinning over their face masks.

I am really glad I was there at that time. This is what letting inspiration lead you can do . I didn’t even turn on the radio on the way home. I just basked in the good feeling of joy that radiated from me.

Would you like to find events like this in your life. Would you like to turn off the worry and turn on the joy. I am glad you are here. You are in the right place. Subscribe to receive updates and you will find inspirations in your inbox. Welcome to the community.