Discovering Your Joy Quest

My passion project for the last year has been writing my latest book, “Joy Quest: The Journey to True Happiness.” I am happy to say that it is almost complete. I am plugging away at the final edits and uploading as I go. Joy Quest is a big accomplishment that I hope and pray will touch the lives of thousands.

I started by contemplating how my life was so good. Not that I mind it at all. Just the opposite. I am so appreciative and grateful. My journey began as I sat on my back porch and observed everything that has manifested in my life. I have everything I want. I have a beautiful home, a loving and supportive relationship, my children living with me, my dog, and a job that I created out of my desire to help people. My question was, how did I get so lucky?

I found out that luck has nothing to do with living a joy-filled and abundant life. Living in appreciation and gratitude has a lot to do with it—that and faith. Faith believes in something that you cannot see, smell, taste, touch, or hear, yet. I found that when I discover a desire, something I really want, I do not doubt that I can have it.

I spent the last year studying, learning from all of the teachers who teach these principles. I knew that if I can do this, having the life I dreamed of, others could. I went in search of those who had already found how to put the incredible into words. I found so much more than I originally expected.

You can have the life you want. You can create your reality. You can heal from past pain and have a happy life. But it takes some work on your part. I know people do not like to hear that anything takes work. I said work, though, not effort.

You must have faith, gratitude and you have to step out of the past thinking that holds you anchored to your pain. You need to trust that we are amazing beings. Our minds, bodies, and ability to create will transform your life if you just let it.

I have studied the mystical, the business-minded, and the scientific. It amazed me that everyone is saying the same thing. The message is geared towards an audience that is ready and open to hearing it.

You can no longer be the victim of circumstances, blaming everything that has gone wrong in your life on people and/or situations outside of yourself. I know that sounds harsh. I know bad things happen that you never predicted. But holding onto it and making it your story, that is your fault. It is something that happened to you; it is not who you are. As long as you keep replaying the story, you will continue to create a life of struggle and heartache. It is time to see who you truly are and write a new story.

Writing Joy quest has been a JOY! Literally. To be able to dive into who we are, how we think and feel, and the journey of 2020. We all agree that it has been an interesting year. It is the beginning of worldwide change and transformation. We can focus our change, transformation on the continued sickness, political and social unrest, and division we see; or we can focus on being the best versions of ourselves. In doing this, we help create a world of healing, peace, unity, and love.

As I complete the publication process for “Joy Quest,” I want to invite you to ask for your copy early. I am taking pre-orders at a discounted price. Take the journey with me. Let’s heal ourselves and begin focusing on creating our dreams. When we have a community that is growing and changing, the world around us follows suit.

The publication date is November 1. The book’s cost is $16.95 for paperback, and I am offering a pre-order price of $8.47 (plus shipping). I am taking orders personally, and I will mail them to you directly. You will receive a signed copy with a personal message and an invitation to join the community to heal and grow together.  

Message me privately, and we will begin this journey. With covid, the publication, printing, and shipping process has slowed down. I have chosen to take a different route than most authors because I want to know the people who buy my books. Please email me and request your copy. Tell me a little about yourself. (If you want, you do not have to) I will send you an invoice, and you will receive one of the first published copies.

Let’s take a “Joy Quest: A Journey to True Happiness.”

Quantum Recovery – Can you Heal Addictions?

It is as old as the big bang and as new as our awareness of the quantum reality. I know it sounds really out there, but the new awareness is changing lives and creating new worlds for everyday people ready and willing to do the work.

I have spent the last few years listening to and studying Dr. Joe Dispenza, and my life is completely new. I live an abundant, healthy, and joy-filled life. I have learned to create a new personality, which created a new reality for me. I know this sounds sort of far-fetched and hocus-pocus, but this is real, and it works.

Thousands of pf people around the world have healed themselves and their lives. If people with stage four cancer, MS, and rare genetic disorders can heal, why not heal addictions?

When someone gets to the point in their life that they admit they have an addiction, they have a dependency on something, alcohol, drugs, food, shopping, sex, whatever it is, and they now have a life sentence of doom.

They must now live their life avoiding what triggers them. They will have to live a life of strong will power. Suppose they are involved in AA or a recovery group like that. In that case, they have to take a daily personal inventory of the past. Holding onto your past, more damaging, and recreating who they know themselves to be. They are recreating a familiar past instead of creating a new future.

What we do differently is we learn to become someone new. We Learn to move beyond who we were and become who we wish to be. We take the brain’s hardware and rewrite it by having new experiences that create new neuro pathways in the brain. We learn to merge the science, medical, and mystical to create a new life of freedom.

With Quantum Recovery, you start as the old personality and leave as a new person with a new future of endless possibilities. None of this information is new. You can find hours and days’ worth of information on youtube and podcasts.

What we are doing is creating a program just for people struggling with addictions. We are forming a community of people who desire to learn and grown and support the community in their growth. People who are willing to do the work. People who understand that the old ways do not help them live full, joyful, and expansive lives. A life of hope and renewal.   

Now that my book “Joy Quest” is being sent off to publication, I am writing a book “Quantum Recovery.” We go into the details of how we can change our body’s chemistry to bring healing. We can upregulate our immune system. We can rewire our neuro pathways; we can change our reality by changing our personality. Quantum Recovery is amazing work with a lot of research and science behind it.

I hope you will join me in the conversations and dialogue that will help change the lives of addicts forever. You do not have to live in the grim shadow of your past choices. You can learn to make good choices and no longer chained to the past life. You can change your body’s chemistry to no longer be ruled by the past chemical dependencies.

Creating change takes work on your part and time. It takes a commitment and working the program. You will find a feeling of renewal, refreshment, and hope.