Happiness is What People Really Want.

We see people wanting more money, love, power, influence, and better health because they believe this is what they need to be happy and live joyfully. Yes, you may feel happiness initially, but eventually, these feelings fade, and then you want more. The reason for that is because everything we are aiming to bring us happiness is from external sources.

As long as we are unhealthy in our spirit, thinking, and emotions, we will not achieve that level of joy we seek. We have trained our whole life to look outside of ourselves to identify how we feel, and this is backward. What we truly want in life, happiness, and an overtone of consistent joy, will never come to us from anything outside of ourselves.

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Even when we feel bad, we attribute those feeling to an outside source. Someone said something or did something. I am having a bad morning because that idiot cut me off in traffic. No, you had a startling moment because you someone cut you off. To continue to feel bad because of others and situations is your choice and only your choice.

From the moment we wake up in the morning, we do two things that will keep us stuck as we are. First, we think about a problem in our life. Or we start to replay an old conversation and create a response to it, and it was not even a good conversation. It was a conflict or differing opinions. But it starts your day by thinking about a past situation and seeing how you could have responded differently, which creates depression. Or we wake up in the morning thinking about the bill that needs to be paid, the work schedule, or seeing someone you do not care to experience. These things have not even happened yet, and you are living them as your now experience. Why? Worrying about the future creates anxiety, and in reality, there is a good chance that the situation will not be as bad as you are creating it in your mind.

At least 90% of the time, we live unconsciously. Living unconsciously is not paying attention or being aware of what is. We go through life thinking about the past or worrying about the future, but we are not fully aware of the right now. The only way to live consciously is to be aware of right now. Your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Not about what anyone else has done to you or will do to you, just focusing on yourself. You are experiencing yourself at this moment in time. Having this focus is a challenge for so many people and not being able to do this leads to problems, ill health, and unhappiness.

When you learn to live more consciously, you will see a shift in your life. You are less likely to react to people and things around you. You will stop giving over your personal power to external forces and take control of the direction you want your life to go in. It does not matter who you are or what you do. You can be a janitor or a CEO. You will not find true success in life and living until you begin to take this personal responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

At first, this can be challenging. You must do personal evaluations throughout the day to see how you are thinking and feeling. Are your thoughts and feelings coming from within yourself, or are you allowing the external environment to lead you like a puppet?

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As soon as I wake up, I have started a practice to ask myself, “Who do I want to be today? Do I want to feel troubled or content?” It is my choice at any moment. I also ask myself what I am thinking. Is it from the past or the future, and is it relevant to what I need to live right now – in the present moment? Am I focused on the present? If not, then why not?

I am as human as everyone else, so my practice of living in the present can be taken over quite easily with living unconsciously. I find myself reacting to people and situations. The closer they are to me, the easier I find myself reacting to them. I also do not like who I am when that happens. So, I have learned to take a few moments to pull back. To recognize what is happening. Not allowing myself to be a puppet to others, situations, or my well-trained unconscious mind and emotions. I am learning to take control.

An amazing thing happens when you begin to do this more often; When you choose to be conscious of what is right now. Life starts to smooth out. Better situations, more interesting people and greater opportunities present themselves. They may have always been there, but we were too tied up with our thoughts and emotions to see that they were there because we live an unconscious life. We walk around, asking, “Why doesn’t anything work out for me?” Well, you have to learn how to open your eyes, be aware, feel better.

It is not an easy practice to begin. Your body is like an untrained animal. When you want to quiet your mind down, it will begin thinking, “I need coffee, I need to go to the bathroom, I wanted to watch the news, I need to make this phone call.” The body is conditioned to moving through life unconsciously, and for the sake of ease, it wants to continue to live this way. You have to train it to focus, sit quiet, and let it know you are in change. I used to set reminders on my phone throughout the day to take a moment to be aware. I would tell my brain to take a short break, and I would look around and appreciate what is around me. Focusing quiets the inner conflicts; this brings the mind in check, like breaking a horse. You are teaching your body and mind to sit.

The more you do this, the better you will feel throughout your day. You may still react to someone, but you will catch yourself sooner. You can easily shift course. How many times did someone say something you did not like? You spent the next hour, day or week, playing out conversations and rebuttals in your mind—what a waste of time of joy that you could have experienced instead.

So, my challenge for you today is to begin to train the beast within. Take a moment to sit and listen to the wind. Hold a warm cup of coffee and enjoy the feeling of warmth. Look up and just let your mind float with the clouds for a moment. You will find that nothing is lost in that moment of quieting yourself, but a lot can be gained.

If you want to know more, I am offering pre-orders of the book “Joy Quest: A Journey to true Happiness. Click the button below for the pre-order discount price. The book will be released in November 2020.

Discovering Your Joy Quest

My passion project for the last year has been writing my latest book, “Joy Quest: The Journey to True Happiness.” I am happy to say that it is almost complete. I am plugging away at the final edits and uploading as I go. Joy Quest is a big accomplishment that I hope and pray will touch the lives of thousands.

I started by contemplating how my life was so good. Not that I mind it at all. Just the opposite. I am so appreciative and grateful. My journey began as I sat on my back porch and observed everything that has manifested in my life. I have everything I want. I have a beautiful home, a loving and supportive relationship, my children living with me, my dog, and a job that I created out of my desire to help people. My question was, how did I get so lucky?

I found out that luck has nothing to do with living a joy-filled and abundant life. Living in appreciation and gratitude has a lot to do with it—that and faith. Faith believes in something that you cannot see, smell, taste, touch, or hear, yet. I found that when I discover a desire, something I really want, I do not doubt that I can have it.

I spent the last year studying, learning from all of the teachers who teach these principles. I knew that if I can do this, having the life I dreamed of, others could. I went in search of those who had already found how to put the incredible into words. I found so much more than I originally expected.

You can have the life you want. You can create your reality. You can heal from past pain and have a happy life. But it takes some work on your part. I know people do not like to hear that anything takes work. I said work, though, not effort.

You must have faith, gratitude and you have to step out of the past thinking that holds you anchored to your pain. You need to trust that we are amazing beings. Our minds, bodies, and ability to create will transform your life if you just let it.

I have studied the mystical, the business-minded, and the scientific. It amazed me that everyone is saying the same thing. The message is geared towards an audience that is ready and open to hearing it.

You can no longer be the victim of circumstances, blaming everything that has gone wrong in your life on people and/or situations outside of yourself. I know that sounds harsh. I know bad things happen that you never predicted. But holding onto it and making it your story, that is your fault. It is something that happened to you; it is not who you are. As long as you keep replaying the story, you will continue to create a life of struggle and heartache. It is time to see who you truly are and write a new story.

Writing Joy quest has been a JOY! Literally. To be able to dive into who we are, how we think and feel, and the journey of 2020. We all agree that it has been an interesting year. It is the beginning of worldwide change and transformation. We can focus our change, transformation on the continued sickness, political and social unrest, and division we see; or we can focus on being the best versions of ourselves. In doing this, we help create a world of healing, peace, unity, and love.

As I complete the publication process for “Joy Quest,” I want to invite you to ask for your copy early. I am taking pre-orders at a discounted price. Take the journey with me. Let’s heal ourselves and begin focusing on creating our dreams. When we have a community that is growing and changing, the world around us follows suit.

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Let’s take a “Joy Quest: A Journey to True Happiness.”

Find a Spark of Joy

I look for joy everyday. After learning that a joyful life leads to dreams coming true I do not want to live any other way. Since I have seen this truly happen time and time again in my life I look for reasons to be happy. Here is an example of finding a spark.

I had to run to the grocery store during my lunch break today. As I was getting out of my car I heard some rather loud music. I didn’t really pay attention to what it was. My first though was those people who have very loud stereos and think that everyone would like to hear what they are listening to. That is annoyance and is old programming.

As I got closer to the store I thought it was coming from some outside speakers. It really was nice music. Instrumental recent pop songs. Actually quite pleasant and I thought that was really a nice thing for the store to do in these days of covid. I even looked for speakers but soon realized it was not the store. It was two guys in the parking lot. One was masterfully playing an electric violin and the other held a sign.

In this time of unheard of amounts of unemployment and struggle, food rationing and hardships, these guys were out bringing joy to the masses. I took this as they are there for my en-joyment. I had such a big smile on my face. I know they were inspired to be there. Maybe they were trying to think of a way to make money. Well they were obviously doing what they enjoy doing but it was still work. The guy playing had sweat dripping off of his nose and streaking his face, while his shirt was plastered to his back. Seeing his face you could see he was doing what he loved doing.

In the times of terrible hardship these people are working, out in the hot Texas sun. Finding innovative ways to make money to pay their rent and buy food and at the same time bringing joy to so many people. Everyone around was smiling. You can tell by their eyes shinning over their face masks.

I am really glad I was there at that time. This is what letting inspiration lead you can do . I didn’t even turn on the radio on the way home. I just basked in the good feeling of joy that radiated from me.

Would you like to find events like this in your life. Would you like to turn off the worry and turn on the joy. I am glad you are here. You are in the right place. Subscribe to receive updates and you will find inspirations in your inbox. Welcome to the community.