Does feeling happy make you feel guilty?

When you do something nice for yourself do you feel like you are sacrificing from another area of your life? When you are making choices that will make you happy, do you have that nagging voice in your head asking, “what will someone else think? “

It is a good thing to be thoughtful of others, to manage our time well and to prioritized. But does it create feelings of guilt, questioning your own decisions based on the opinions of others, and steal from your joy?

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Life is meant to be fun and to feel good. We are taught that life is meant to be hard and we have to struggle to find success. I do not agree with the hard struggle. I have a successful life, I am happy, I do not feel I sacrificed things to achieve this, and I am not ruled by the opinions of others. You can have this too.

Everyone has an opportunity to achieve great things in their life. The playing field is more equal now than it has ever been. There is less room for excuses. It really does not matter where you came from, who your family is, what your background, race, sexual preference, culture, religion etc. you can be happy and find great success. No excuses! Most just do not want to step out and do what it takes to be great. To become the best version of themselves. It is easy to fail.  It takes strength and tenacity to succeed.

I said it does not have to be hard though it is not always easy either. If you want to succeed into your personal greatness you need the right mindset and you need to develop some grit to get there,

So how do you do it?

  1. Stop making excuses
  2. Set your determination and see your future as if it is happening now and become it
  3. Realize that everything you thought was holding you back is what can propel you turn it forward
  4. Everyone has something original and unique to share
  5. Stop being a victim. Be a successful survivor. You are not your painful past. That is not who you are. It is not your identity. It is something that happened to you. Pay attention to the stories you tell when you are developing new relationships. Are they stories of weakness (the victim) or stories of strength (The survivor)?
  6. Every challenge is a new opportunity. How you handle the challenges can show what your mindset is, and how hungry you are to find success in life.

When faced with a challenge some people get depressed and shut down. Instead, open your eyes. If you are not open to new opportunities, you will not see them. They are all around but if you are not open to them you will miss them.

  • Watch who you associate with, this is very important. We are most greatly influenced by the five people we spend the most time with. If your group is all broke and struggling, you will have a hard time finding financial freedom. If your group is negative and pessimistic, you will have a hard time finding optimism. If your group is underachievers, expanding and becoming the best version of yourself will seem out of reach.  
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We, everyone, are not meant to lead average lives. We are not meant to be unhappy, feeling guilt for trying to be happy, or feeling like we have to sacrifice one area of life in order to have something enjoyable in another. You can be, do, or have anything you want. You may just need some help to get onto the path to it. What do you want to do? Be a coach, write a book, speak to an audience, teach others what you have learned or just be happy and have a good life?

Any of these things, and more, are achievable. Investing in yourself with a coach will help bring you to where you want to be. It’s always helpful to have someone in your corner who has walked the path before you.

My coaching will help you develop workable goals, give you an accountability partner, and create a path to success. Contact me today to have a free 15-minute conversation that will help you see where you want to go. Everything I talk about, I have done and helped others do themselves.

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Finding your passion

Everyone wants to be passionate about something. Finding it can be a challenge though. It does not have to be. If you have something that stirs you when you think about it then your passion is in there somewhere. You just need to dig a little deeper.

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I knew years ago that I wanted to be a speaker. I wanted to see that “ah-ha” moment on people’s faces when they just realized or remembered something great about themselves. Mostly that they do have greatness within them.

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I love helping people dig deep enough to follow the path that leads to the dream. That is why I became a coach, then developed into speaking. Now, speaking is only virtual, but it is still there. If you are ready to embark on the best season of your life, but you are not sure what that entails, I am your girl.

Let us have a conversation. That is so easy, and it is fun. We will discuss what your dream may be, what may be blocking you, and how to formulate a workable plan to move you to your vision. First, we need to get past all your self-doubt and the ways you may be unconsciously holding yourself back.

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Click the button to schedule your free strategy session. We will either meet through Zoom or phone call. Your preference. But do not delay. How many years are going to pass by where you will have to say, “I should have done more?”