Gratitude Will Change Everything

When you consider our world from such a compressed perspective then the need for acceptance, understanding, and gratitude becomes glaringly apparent.

So therefore, it concludes that if you have food in the refrigerator, clothes on your back, a roof overhead, and a place to sleep, you are richer than 75% of the world. Just that, doesn’t that call for some gratitude?

 If you woke up this morning with more health than illness, you are more blessed than the million who will not survive this week because of illness.  

If you have money in your bank, any money in the bank, or even in your wallet, and spare change in a dish some place in your life, you are among the top 8% of the worlds wealthy. 92% of the people do not have that.

So, if you have the opportunity to think as you choose to think, to worship as you choose to worship, and you have a little bit of change in your pocket, and you have got your health, and you have someone who cares about you, then you have an awful lot to be grateful for.

Treasuring our divinity means being in a constant state of appreciation. Looking for occasions to be joyful, to be happy, to be in a state of gratitude.

Every time I find a penny, a nickel or a dime on the street and anytime I bend over and pick it up, I say “Thank you God”, as a reminder of the abundance that flows into my life when I am just walking and breathing.

Treasuring your divinity does not mean that you do not have respect for God, it means respecting the God that is always with you.

                                                                                                                                Wayne Dyer

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                This is a very long quote, I know, but it says so many important things to remember on a daily basis. We are blessed in ways we do not see when we get caught up in our lives. When we are listening to or participating in gossip, when we are watching the news, when we are letting ourselves be upset because of something someone else did. How does that serve us? How does that lead to a happy and successful life? We can choose how we wish to feel, and by choosing we are directing the path that our next hour, day, week and life will go. I choose to be happy, grateful, and joyful. Even when things to do not appear perfect at the moment, it is only a moment in time, and it will pass.

                We can deliberately make our next moments be different, we can direct the course of our lives. Sometimes it takes a reminder like what is written above. Sometimes it just takes slowing down and noticing how we are feeling and recognizing that it is a choice how to feel.

                People struggle with depression and anxiety. People get too wound up in what is going on around them and they take personal ownership of it. They accept this as the only way they can view life, but you have a choice. You can change the direction.

In the study of Dr. Joe Dispenza and the Heartmath institute, they have discovered scientifically that spending 10 minutes in gratitude changes the electromagnetic energy of the heart. It increases the bodies chemistry to increase immunities. Happy people are not just lucky. They are healthier, they attract more positive into their lives, they see more opportunities and take chances on them.  

                So, my challenge to you this week it take 10 minutes each day and focus on gratefulness. It does not have to be anything specific; you can keep it general. Just put on some soft music and your headphones and feel good for a few. As you go along, as this becomes a regular practice in your life, you begin to see or feel things that feel good to you. Practice every day for one week and keep a small notebook to journal how you feel. Write down how your days goes. You will notice a shift after only 4-5 days.

                After one week, come back here and share the alteration you are beginning to notice in your life.

  • Do you see more beauty in the world around you?
  • Did you see your first sunrise or sunset in a while? Really notice it.
  • Are your conversations changing to be more positive and upbeat?
  • Did you laugh more?
  • Did you feel more love and/or compassion towards others?
  • Did you notice that you attract more upbeat people to you?
  • Were you in a little less pain?
  • Did you sleep a little better?

Share with us what has changed. Then I encourage you to take 10- minutes a day for 30-days. When you are starting something new, focus and see it before hand how you want it to go. A phone call, a conversation, your drive-in traffic.

I look forward to hearing how your week went. Please like share, and comment.

If you want to move forward into a happy, joy filled, and productive life schedule a free call with me to set this forward momentum in your life. Click the schedule button, go to my contact page, or email me directly and use the subject “I want to be happy”

A Spirit Lead Life

Many of us say we want to be the best version of ourselves, but then we let the world or life get in the way, and we just do not do what we should to be that. We spend to much time caring about everyone and everything else and not how we can be at peace, at ease with ourselves. We seem to trudge through day after day, living unconscious, just letting life happen around and to us.

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Being the best you is being authentic and caring enough about yourself not to let life throw you off track. People often think that to have a better life, they need to have something different, to do something, change or alter their way of doing things.

“I need to quit my job and become a motivational speaker, coach, master…”

To be the best of you, all you need is to be complete in who you are.

In my writing, speaking, and coaching, I take a spiritual approach because, in reality, we are more spiritual than physical. We have shut down listening and hearing the guidance of the larger part of who we are. Being your authentic self is easy if you allow it. Wearing the mask we show the world, trying to fit into the image of what we think others expect of us, is what is hard. There are so many “others” that it is defeating, frustrating, and we can never get it right.

We work hard to be, do or have to make others happy, which is impossible because they do not know either, and we are always changing in our effort to keep up with their changing expectations.

Instead of turning your focus outward, turn it inward instead. Your divine spirit, the larger part of who you are, knows you intimately. It knows your wants and desires. By taking the time to turn inward, you tap in and tune in to who you are—allowing yourself to be complete with your whole self. Let yourself be the best of yourself.

Spirit is unconditional love and infinite intelligence. It is wisdom and patience. It is kind and consistent. It is steady and unwavering. It is in this world but not of this world, not swayed by it. When you are familiar with who you are spiritually, you can easily present the best of yourself.

Masters throughout the ages have taught how to be who you are meant to be. One thing they all teach is you can do what they have done. You can live a life of ease and peace. We all have access to the same knowledge and wisdom. We are all extensions of God.

People go to seminar after seminar, church service after church service, watch YouTube videos until their batteries die, looking for one more or one last spark of wisdom to help them transcend. They want someone outside of themselves to lead them to the awareness they already hold inside. We seem to think that someone else holds the answers. Words do not teach, experience teaches, words just guide.

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If you truly want to be the best you, then by developing a relationship and opening a channel of communication with your divine spirit will lead you where you wish to be. Your spirit knows your desire to lead, teach, and motivate others. As your connection grows stronger, you will find the opportunities show up for you. You have inspirations at the right time. No matter where you are, what job you have, where you live. The opportunity to shine your light will be there. You will have a life of being a guiding light for others instead of the practiced, trying to live up to the expectations of others.

Life still happens around you, yet when you are more who you are meant to be, it flows around you smoother. You have greater ease about things that happen around you. When you live connected to your divine spirit, opportunities and inspiration abound.

Feeling Stuck? Find Inspiration

Do you know those days when you just feel blah? Nothing of interest crosses your mind. You know in your thinking mind that everything is going alright, you just do not feel inspired to do much. We all have those days.

As a writer working on a book, I wish to be inspired every day. Inspiration does not come from the thinking mind. The mind can have good ideas, maybe some response to a blog post. But true inspiration comes from the spirit. Your divine spirit is part of all else, the universe, everything, and spirit knows what will uplift others. Why? Because spirit does not just reside only in you. It is so much larger and has a connection to all else.

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In our perspective of space and time, we as humans see everything with boundaries. Spirit does not reside within those boundaries.

If you are seeking inspiration, instead of looking for it, quiet the mind and just seek clarity. When you meditate, do not start with a plan to ask for anything or make something happen. Just take a few minutes to quiet and reside in the love of the spirit, connect to the all-consuming love of God. Feel it and merge with it. If you must do something because your brain works that way, see yourself in a boat on a river and pull in the oars. Just let the current take you downstream towards tranquility. Just watch it, do not evaluate it, just flow to calmness. Meditation will raise your energy vibration to align with your divine spirit. Still, do not try to do anything or ask for anything. If images or thoughts come to mind, just sit with those and enjoy them.

After ten, fifteen, or twenty minutes meditation is over. Spend a few minutes enjoying the peaceful feeling of connection. Think of one simple thing you enjoy. Peacefulness, Fun, or clarity, for example. Now you are clearer.

Inspiration has a clearer path to flow to you. Your energy is higher, the blah feeling is gone, and you just feel good.

When we try to accomplish everything on our own, it can get frustrating, stagnant, and tiring. When we tune into our divine selves, the ease and flow feel so satisfying. By aligning, you do not feel you are going through your day alone. You now feel what is always there. Now you are tapped in and know it.  

You may feel inspired to take a different path to work and find you missed a traffic pile-up. You may have an inspiration to stop at a certain store just to find something you have been wanting. You may feel an inspired pull to have lunch somewhere new and have a great, unexpected conversation. Finding inspiration is not something we do; it is something we allow in.

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How do you know inspiration from your divine spirit? You feel it in your gut, your solar plexus. You feel it with your emotions. Spirit will always guide you to a higher emotion or feeling. If you do not feel good about something, a thought, or idea, turn the other way. If you are following the spirit’s prompting, there will be an ease about the direction you should take. Going with the flow is called, “Taking the path of least resistance.”

Meditation to get into the right alignment is a daily practice. Just like getting dressed, brushing your teeth and hair, take a few minutes to connect with who you are as spirit before you grab your phone and connect with the world. Your days will go much smoother, enjoyment will present itself much more often, and clarity of ideas and inspiration will be there for you.

Have a Blessed Day

Love & Blessings,
Ashley J Spurgeon