What does it take to succeed?

Dreams can be a funny thing. Sometimes it is a passing thought, and others when realized can become a burning desire. The difference lies in how we see our ability to see them come true. Honestly, we are only limited by ourselves and our imaginations. If you want to have a dream turn into a reality, you have to take some action, be willing to fail and get up again, and to see your vision long before you see the reality.

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95% of people never pursue their dreams. Not the big, life-changing ones. They talk themselves out of it. People are born, get an education, get married, have a family, work a job, retire, and die. This is safe but has no passion. Why do people do this? They are afraid of what other people will say and they are scared to fail. I would rather fail big than never try at all. There are many things I have tried to do that did not succeed. Why did my ideas fail? Because I did not try as hard as I could have. I gave up before everything was even in place.

I wanted to find a business that I thought my husband and I could do together. So, I decided to have an event planning business. Yes, weddings, anniversaries, and Quinceaneras. I sank thousands of dollars into the business, we went to expos, I took lots of business classes, and I was listed on sites where people could find us and ask for quotes. The truth though was that my heart was not in it, and I was so afraid of failing, I didn’t even give myself a chance. After one year and little inquiries into our services, I folded the business. Threw away all my materials and decided to go back to the drawing board. As soon as I did that the quote requests started coming in. I have heard it said that many people overestimate the first year and underestimate the third.

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At the time I was spending to much time worrying about what other people thought, seeking approval (which never comes), and hoping that the big dollars will just fall into my lap.

Afterwards, I started focusing on what it takes to truly succeed. I found that I first must find success within myself and my personal life, my inner life before I can be a part of the percentage that finds success in career, love, life, health, and finances.

Success is not something you obtain; it is a lifestyle.

I now approach life very differently. I seek my peace and inner harmony first. When I am full because I have taken care of who I need to be (for myself and not others) Then I have what I need to give to the world. This brings me a lot of joy. I no longer feel the hard struggle. I learned to care about what I think of myself, and not care what others are thinking of me. If I know that I am doing my best, then what other people think does not matter.

I found a great appreciation for what I have now. I found that when I was always wanting more, I did not see that I often had more than I thought. As I learned to appreciate what I do have, more was free to flow into my life.

I embarked on my writing, speaking, and coaching with a greater idea of what it means to find success in life. I now have the passion to fully follow a dream and see success. Both personally and in my business. I changed my focus from what I can get to what I can give. The Universe is abundant, so I released my worry and focused on the people I serve.

The biggest lesson I learned about following any dream is that you must just start. Take the first step, then the second. When times get tough, push through. Too many people throw in the towel as soon as things get difficult, challenging, or hard. Success comes to you when you realize you have climbed over the wall that was stuck in your path. When you look back and say to yourself, “I did it!”

So, what is your dream? I am asking about the big one. What is the burning desire in your heart to create something life-changing, people moving, monumental? It may be that you would love to run a marathon, but you are not a runner. Maybe, you would like to work for yourself, but you have never done that before. The possibilities are as endless as our imaginations. If you want to be a part of the 95% who follow a dream, it takes strength and tenacity to reach the 1% who succeed. You must become bigger than you have ever been to before. Bolder, stronger, and live life with determination.

The nice part is that you never have to travel your path alone. In every big endeavor I have had in my life I had a private coach to help me along. When I was growing up in dance, we had coaches, known as teachers. Mine was excellent. When I played the flute for years, I had a private instructor, he was my coach for years that helped me surpass myself and make superior ratings at the various competitions. Even now, I have a coach to help me take the next steps that I am unsure of. This is the best investment I ever made. And, it is one I will continue to make throughout my life. Encouragement from friends and family is not enough. They mean well, but they also tend to hold back. They are afraid that you may not succeed, and they do not want to see you hurt or disappointed. That is the angle their advice will come from. A coach has walked the path you are currently walking, or one similar and is more objective than family.

For a short time, I am offering Free strategy calls. If you have a dream and what to know how to get on the right path, or you have hit a block and what to get past it, then click the button below and let’s see if we can work together to see your dream realized. It is important to have someone in your corner to help you get past your own limiting beliefs and how you hold yourself back. You need someone who believes in you and your dream.  This is not a coaching session, but a strategy call. Schedule your time now because this offer will not last long, and times fill up fast. You will not run the marathon of you do not put on your running shoes.

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Do you love your life or are you doing what is expected?

That really can be a tough question. I am from the generation that was taught to find one thing to do with your life. Pick a career, one that makes lots of money, and make that the rest of your life. Our parents had things like one working parent family, one career for life, and a pension plan.

We now live a life where we have both parents working, there is no such thing as job security, and I am sure many millennials do not even know what a pension is.

Why do you do what you do? You grew up and went to college to be an attorney, a doctor, an engineer, or a CPA. That is what you were taught from a young age to do because it would provide for your family. You also wanted to make your parents proud, and since this is what they wanted for you, this is what you did. Now you feel trapped.

I spent the last few years working at a bankruptcy law firm and was surprised to see how many doctors, lawyers, and even accountants had to hire us. One time I ran a survey of our clients and their professions who came in and hired us over the previous year. The majority had college degrees and professional jobs. I was shocked, to say the least. So, what that told me is that in today’s economy, being a doctor, lawyer or CPA does not guarantee financial security.

Then the question is, do you love what you do? If you do and you are struggling to make ends meet, then you get the hard knocks lesson. They did not teach you business in school. They also did not teach you about self-care and work/life balance. They taught you how to work your trade. Now you are good at that, and you might love what you do, but you spend all your time having no other life. You have sacrificed everything to have a nice car, the beautiful house, but even those are nothing more than tools to get you through your days and maybe a couple of hours of sleep. Your relationships are suffering, you have no social life, and forget vacations. Even if you get one you have your cell phone and laptop at your side at al times.

It is time for a change, but you are not sure how to go about it. There is too much momentum behind what you are currently doing.

After spending years working in the law field, I saw what the “Happy” lawyers, doctors, and CPAs were doing differently. They had been able to regain a life. It is possible to have a full and satisfying life outside of your practice, and still make the money to support the lifestyle you want.

If you hate what you are doing, then maybe it is time for a change. Do you feel ill every time you think about going into work? Are you tired of missing your kid’s special events? Does your spouse or partner remember who you are? When is the last time you went on a date? Maybe it is time for a drastic change.

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What I want to see for everyone I work with is a peaceful balanced life. You do not have to stop what you are doing; you need to change how you are doing it.  I touch on these subjects in my book, “The A+ Legal office.” This was written for lawyers but applies to any service-based industry. If you have not read the book, it is a fun and easy read. If you have already read it and are ready to make the change to being happy and successful, it is time to invest in yourself. Please schedule your free 30-minute strategy session to get the ball rolling. This is not a marketing approach. This is a practice and a lifestyle approach. You will not find this anywhere else. Though I was the Director of Marketing in a successful firm, some of that does come to play. I always say, “work smarter, not harder” and that is where much of today’s marketing comes into play. We also look at who you have working for you and how to better utilize their skills and abilities. My goal is to see hard-working professionals able to have dinner with their families almost every night, to attend their kid’s games, recitals, and award ceremonies.

If you are ready to make the change, contact me. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired contact me. If you love what you do and want to live your life also, contact me. If you hate what you are doing and have always been doing it to please someone else, contact me. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Succeed and Love Your Life

Never, in our lifetime, have we seen such rapid change than what is happening right now. Business is changing. Are you changing with it? Are you able to keep up, or do you feel a little lost? Do you feel that no matter how hard you try others are passing you by?

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Some are succeeding and some feel lost in the confusion. The biggest secret is, that most do not see, is that successful people have a coach in the background. So, let’s look at what a coach does, and you decide:

  1. Successful people have someone in their corner who is objective, lend accountability, and wants you to succeed as much as you do.
  2. A coach will lend a hand in you becoming the best version of yourself.
  3. A coach will strategically bring you past your beliefs and limitations that are holding you back.
  4. A coach helps you to build momentum

So, what is holding you back? Do you think hiring a coach is too expensive?  You will find that this one step will show you the greatest ROI (return on investment). You cannot afford not to.

Do you think all coaches have to be big named celebrities and thus pricy? No, a coach is often someone a few steps ahead of where you are now. Someone just further ahead to know what you are going through right now, and still remembers the struggles, obstacles, and success.

Coaching can be short term (one to three months) or longer (Three to twelve) depending on your objectives.

Every day you put off the decision to further yourself and your goals by bringing on a coach, the further away you are from your dreams of business, financial, and freedom success.

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Let’s have a chat. Let’s see how a coach will be able to help you move along your path at much greater speeds. Let’s see how good it will feel to have some momentum because someone with know-how is in your corner.

Let’s have a 30-minute free strategy session and see how we can get you on the fast track to your dreams.