Life is Meant to be Fun

People have accused me from time to time of being too serious. That is just when I get in my thinking, contemplative mode. I like to think of myself as a light, fun person. It is sometimes easier to just let the weight and responsibilities of life rest on your shoulders. As a working professional, a partner, parent, friend, sibling, etc. it is easy to be so busy making sure that you have handled everything that you do not leave yourself the time just to let loose and have fun. It is also exhausting and takes the joy out of life.

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Being constantly responsible, it can take some convincing to lay down the duties you see yourself as needing to accomplish, and for others to take care of matters for a while. But, if you are so busy all the time, that is just what passes you by, TIME. You lose the joy in living, and then what is the point of all of this. Life is meant to be fun, experienced, and enjoyed.

When was the last time you just stopped? At my last job, we were allowed two personal days a year. These were the days I decided to call in stupid. (That is what I called it). I was not sick, and everyone else in my life was busy doing what they do, work and school, I just wanted a ME day. One where I was not calling out of work because I felt too bad to get out of bed. That is what sick days are.

So, give yourself a day off. Do not make the bed! Do not rush to the store. Just take a day and decide you are not doing any of the usual or expected things today. Give it a try. You will see that your world will not implode or explode for that matter.

When was the last time you played in the rain, tried a hula-hoop, bought an ice cream cone and enjoyed it, played on a playground (without your kids), threw a frisbee, or watched a funny movie that you would love though your partner wouldn’t?

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There is a lot of stress and worry in the world right now. There always is; one situation is followed by another, then another. If you are waiting for things to settle down before you take some personal time, you will be waiting for a long time. Life is meant to be fun. What are you waiting for, permission? What are you doing that is fun and maybe a little unexpected? Anything?

 Take a day off and just let loose a little. Take a nothing day. Let everyone else take care of themselves for a little while and give yourself a break.

Also, do not watch the news and turn off your electronic devices. Just get out and play.

When you take a day to relax, you are giving yourself a chance to reset. Give yourself a new perspective. Stop taking life so seriously that you are cutting yourself off from enjoying what is all around you.

Love & Blessings,
Ashley J Spurgeon

Feeling Stuck? Find Inspiration

Do you know those days when you just feel blah? Nothing of interest crosses your mind. You know in your thinking mind that everything is going alright, you just do not feel inspired to do much. We all have those days.

As a writer working on a book, I wish to be inspired every day. Inspiration does not come from the thinking mind. The mind can have good ideas, maybe some response to a blog post. But true inspiration comes from the spirit. Your divine spirit is part of all else, the universe, everything, and spirit knows what will uplift others. Why? Because spirit does not just reside only in you. It is so much larger and has a connection to all else.

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In our perspective of space and time, we as humans see everything with boundaries. Spirit does not reside within those boundaries.

If you are seeking inspiration, instead of looking for it, quiet the mind and just seek clarity. When you meditate, do not start with a plan to ask for anything or make something happen. Just take a few minutes to quiet and reside in the love of the spirit, connect to the all-consuming love of God. Feel it and merge with it. If you must do something because your brain works that way, see yourself in a boat on a river and pull in the oars. Just let the current take you downstream towards tranquility. Just watch it, do not evaluate it, just flow to calmness. Meditation will raise your energy vibration to align with your divine spirit. Still, do not try to do anything or ask for anything. If images or thoughts come to mind, just sit with those and enjoy them.

After ten, fifteen, or twenty minutes meditation is over. Spend a few minutes enjoying the peaceful feeling of connection. Think of one simple thing you enjoy. Peacefulness, Fun, or clarity, for example. Now you are clearer.

Inspiration has a clearer path to flow to you. Your energy is higher, the blah feeling is gone, and you just feel good.

When we try to accomplish everything on our own, it can get frustrating, stagnant, and tiring. When we tune into our divine selves, the ease and flow feel so satisfying. By aligning, you do not feel you are going through your day alone. You now feel what is always there. Now you are tapped in and know it.  

You may feel inspired to take a different path to work and find you missed a traffic pile-up. You may have an inspiration to stop at a certain store just to find something you have been wanting. You may feel an inspired pull to have lunch somewhere new and have a great, unexpected conversation. Finding inspiration is not something we do; it is something we allow in.

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How do you know inspiration from your divine spirit? You feel it in your gut, your solar plexus. You feel it with your emotions. Spirit will always guide you to a higher emotion or feeling. If you do not feel good about something, a thought, or idea, turn the other way. If you are following the spirit’s prompting, there will be an ease about the direction you should take. Going with the flow is called, “Taking the path of least resistance.”

Meditation to get into the right alignment is a daily practice. Just like getting dressed, brushing your teeth and hair, take a few minutes to connect with who you are as spirit before you grab your phone and connect with the world. Your days will go much smoother, enjoyment will present itself much more often, and clarity of ideas and inspiration will be there for you.

Have a Blessed Day

Love & Blessings,
Ashley J Spurgeon

Anger is Your Own Worst Enemy

If you watch the news, or even listen to conversations around you, watch how people drive in traffic, you see and hear a lot of anger and frustration. You may ask, “why, what purpose does it serve?” Anger is a more powerful emotion than depression, despair, and hopelessness. I would prefer it because, in anger, you are not shutting down. Anger creates hormones and chemicals such as adrenalin that make you feel alive. Maybe you just desire to be heard. It is hard to ignore an angry person

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But you do not want to get stuck in the feelings of anger. With all those hormones and chemicals raging, you are blocking yourself from being effective and clear in what you want to express.

Anger is a terrible trap to get stuck in. Yes, it provides a little relief from depression, but in the quiet moments of your life, you think, “I don’t want to be angry.” When you become a slave to anger, you are allowing situations outside of yourself dictate how you react, which is often unkind, rash, and not well thought out.

Some of the greatest game-changers in the world were not angry people. They acted and lived their lives by the passion of love, not the passion of hate and anger. Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, and Martin Luther King Jr. were great examples of people who initiated a great change in love and peace. All made historical changes to politics, culture, and society by living as an example of what love can do. They showed lives of creating a new reality based on what they envisioned as possible instead of being angry at what is.

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By Tapping and connecting to something greater, they changed the tide. Because these leaders did not live through the emotions of anger, they had a clarity of thought and action.

We can be our own worst enemy by letting anger rule our lives. Anger shuts down relationships, our health, and our well-being.

Lashing out at others or having knee-jerk reactions to situations around you steals your power to make a difference. Life is now controlling you instead of you shaping your future. If you wish for a better life, your desires fulfilled, or people to hear what you want to share, to share your passion then speak of hopeful solutions instead of spouting angry problems.

People reject anger, but they look towards hope, renewed faith, and belief. Which do you wish to be? The angry person all alone or the encourager surrounding by others who want to create a positive difference?

Love & Blessings,

Ashley J Spurgeon

Living in the Present (Or Future)

The hardest part of making a change is leaving the known, familiar past behind and choosing a new future. When you keep rehearsing what has happened, you remain stuck in what has been. We make decisions based on what is familiar or what we think the expectations of people have about us; how we act, think, and behave.

If you want your present and future to be different, then you need to make a bold move to think, act, and behave differently. A wealthy person does not talk of lack, a healthy person does not focus on illness, and a satisfied, joyful person does not dwell on sadness.

It can be scary because you are stepping into the unknown. You need to initiate change, and your guide is your emotions. Your emotions will show you what your “normal” reactions are, how you have trained your self to think and feel- the victim, guilty, unhappy. As you start to see common threads, you can begin changing what you want to be.

I spent years in a terrifying and abusive relationship. I finally escaped and began rebuilding the life I wanted. I wanted peace, contentment, and no drama. Each day as old memories and feelings of unworthiness arose, the old feelings, I would seek out peaceful and content experiences, and over time by repeating these new behaviors and feelings, I saw a shift. I noticed, though, that each time I met a new friend, I told the same story of my broken past. It was how I described myself, yet it was not who I wanted to be. I was wearing my trauma as my identity. I finally realized that is something that happened TO ME; it was not who I am. It is not my identity.

That is not who I wanted people to identify me as either. Telling that story had become a habit I had to break. I needed to write a new story to get unstuck from the past and decide what I wanted my future to be.

Before creating a new future, I had to decide on my present. I created a practice that works so well; I have shared it with hundreds of people. Each time the understanding settles in, I see a new light in their eyes. It offers a moment of relief, and a chance to reset which direction the thoughts and emotions are heading.

I step into this exact moment. I am not thinking about anything more than right now. Seeing all that I can observe right now, that is good and alright. I do not think about five minutes ago, and I let go of anxiety based on an imagined five minutes from now. I focus only on this exact moment.

  • Right now, I do not have to think about bills
  • Right now, I have a place to live
  • Right now, my family is healthy and happy.
  • We have food in the fridge.
  • There is gas in the car.
  • I am comfortable.
  • The sun is shining.
  • The world is peaceful now.
  • The birds are singing.
  • Right now, I am at peace.
  • Right at this moment, I do not need to worry about anything.
  • At this moment everything is alright.
  • Right now, I can slow down and just enjoy drinking my coffee.
  • No one expects anything of me at this very moment.

I used this practice for years. I have been able to pull myself from fear, the pain of my past, worry, and anxiety about an unknown future.  It allows me a chance to reset the direction of where I want to go and who I wish to be.

I call it living in the present moment. The practice can halt the momentum of fear and worry. It brings me closer to appreciation and gratitude. It helps reset my feeling of greater ease, hope, and faith in a brighter unseen future. It reminds me that I want my future to be joyful, clear-minded, and not living as a victim of my past.

Have a blessed day full of unexpected moments of joy and appreciation.

Love & Blessings,
Ashley J Spurgeon

Faith Renewed

Over the last few years, I had the opportunity to work for one of Houston’s top Bankruptcy law firms. As the Director of Marketing, I was often the first point of contact for people who had hit rock bottom financially. These are not people who come in because they were financially irresponsible. These people, these families, had experienced other life tragedies that led to financial ruin. A death in the family, life-threatening illnesses, divorce, and the list goes on. By the time people called us and asked for help, they had already tried everything they knew to do to regain their footing, to climb out of financial despair, and just could not do it on their own.

I spoke with the brokenhearted, devastated, and sometimes almost suicidal. We, the clients and I, have had many tearful conversations. I loved my job because of these conversations, phone calls, and face to face meetings over the last seven years. Years of building relationships with people as they rebuilt their lives, regained their hope and faith in the future.

The most beautiful aspect I got to witness was seeing people’s faith grow. Faith is a belief in something unseen, a belief in a dream not yet manifested. There is no separation or difference in race, religion, culture, or social standing. Faith is for everyone, faith brings hope, and hope leads to joy. I got to encourage and uplift people daily. I witnessed too many people, whether it was a Ch. 7 that takes a few months, or a Ch. 13 that lasts a few years, regain their faith in a new, fresh future.

Just like so many out there, COVID-19 hit strong, hard, and fast. The impact has touched everyone. A year ago, June 2019, I told my family and friends that I would only be working at the law firm until June of 2020. As May rolled in, I was starting to think I was wrong, and I could not see how to separate from the position. Until my boss announced his retirement starting in July 2020. It was a good time for him to make this transition. I am happy for him after his 40+ years of service to our community.

I am also happy because what I desired and had faith in coming about happened. Not of my own doing, but because I had faith. Faith to be able to follow my heart and desire to do something much bigger. Soon the world will reopen and speaking opportunities will come back. I will have full-time hours to complete my book. I can coach more convenient hours in the day.

One of my mantras is, “Everything is temporary.” We live in a dynamic, ever-changing world. Knowing this is wonderful because even if we cannot see it yet, this gives us something to look forward to something to bring hope.

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When we connect to our divinity, our spirit, our eternal connection to God, source, the universe; Our desires line up for us. We do not have to do anything more than follow the inspiration and intuitions. Believing “everything is temporary,” and “this too shall pass” can lead to faith and hope in the future.

Find a spark of hope and hold onto that. Fan those flames into growth. Have faith in an unseen future. When you have faith and let go of trying to control everything is where inspiration leads, you will see much better than what you can do on your own.

Love and Blessings,
Ashley J Spurgeon

Is this a Trial or an Opportunity?

One thing so many people were asking for was more Time. More time with family, more time to complete project and hobbies, more time to be able to create something new.

In March 2020 we were given just that. With Stay-at-Home orders given around the globe, people were given more time. But did it feel more like a difficult challenge or a blessing?

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Many people have the challenge of working form home and homeschooling simultaneously. Others have more time on their hands than they know what to do with.

No matter how you look at it we are all now allotted more time. For me, still working a 40-hour workweek I now have an addition 2-hours a day that used to be my daily commute.

The interesting aspect of the social restrictions are the new opportunities that can come from such a drastic change. As people close their doors and the world slows way down, it gives us a chance to evaluate where we are, where we want to be, and who we want to be.

We currently have 36.5 million unemployed in the US. That is a scary number. If you did not lose your job, then you know someone who has. We are all affected by it. It is scary for most because you do not know what is next. When everything is looking bleak it can be difficult to think to yourself, “Everything is working out for me”. It can be challenging to look with hope to the future.

Everything is changing. How we work and conduct business will be different. 64% of people polled who are currently working from home want to continue remote work when business reopen. This will force a change in how business is conducted. What we do next may be different. We are facing an unknown future. How to look toward this future will make a difference. What you choose to focus on, think about, and believe will determine what happens next in your world.

You have two choices; one, you can keep creating the familiar past, or two, you can look to the future and rewrite your chosen path. I think this is a great opportunity to reach for something you have always dreamed of doing. I am not just talking career wise. You may be happy with that you are or were doing. Maybe you dream of getting in shape, maybe you dream of expanding your circle of friends. You can volunteer somewhere that interests you. Many paths can cross, and new opportunities discovered.

Take some time to sit with yourself and dream of what can add joy to your life. For example, I get this next week off for a long overdue vacation. I have decided that I will write one piece of something that uplifts and inspires each day. I already write every day to work on completing my book. This is just for the blog. No ulterior motives to convince people to buy something or sign up for anything. My blogs are just there to uplift, encourage, and hopefully inspire people to be the best, authentic versions of themselves. To be encouraging to anyone who crossed my path during these uncertain times.

I do not want to see people getting stuck in depression, worry and anxiety. Those feelings will trap you in a static life. When you seek joy or at least small moments of satisfaction you experience more clarity of thinking and you can begin to open yourself up to new ideas, people, and opportunities.

Love & Blessings,
Ashley J. Spurgeon

Finding Joy in Every Day

It is not everyday that you wake up ready to greet a new day. In our Joy Quest we seek joy more often, but we also know some days just do not always work out the way you hope. Joy Quest is not about living in a constant state of bliss, that would be exhausting. Just to find a place within which joy resides more often than frustration and worry.

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I started the website and Facebook community for two reasons. The first, is so people see the direction my book is heading and feel the energy behind it. This energy is the basis of my life, but even more my speaking, writing, workshops coaching and more. The second is to have a place for all the beautiful people who want more, who want better, can connect. A place to share your inspirations, dreams and communicate with a community of like minded individuals to help elevate the level of joy in their daily life.

We are taking manifesting to a new level. We know that we want happy lives. In our want we reach out to have things and people in our lives in the attempt to find that happiness. It may sooth us for a while, but it is temporary. In joy quest we learn that finding joy and satisfaction first is the key to creating the life we want. No more cause and effect, we are stepping into causing an effect. When this is our life and we are connected to the Divine God force energy through our joy, the things we desire begin flowing into our lives in wonderful, unexpected ways.

So, some mornings you are not feeling very joyful? What do you do? It is easy, respect where you are. Take some time to meditate to clear out the cobwebs of that past and give you a clearer vision of a new future. Then take a few moments to just be grateful. Gratefulness opens the heart. (This has been recorded scientifically and I am fascinated by the research.) As your heart opens the Universal love flows. You may not jump all the way to joy, but satisfaction works. If you do not feel satisfaction, then let in optimism. If you do not feel the reach to optimism, then just sit in a general feeling of well-being. Know that everything always works out. You know it does because you can look back over your life and see that.

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How do you know everything works out? You are still here. You have not starved to death, you are breathing, life is happening all around you. Do not try to evaluate things specifically when you do not feel at a good place. Look at life generally.

Our day today is predicating heavy rains, it is gray out, my dog kept me up a lot last night. My first thoughts this morning was I wanted more sleep, not that of, “Oh yeah, another day of rainbows and sunshine.” It is perfectly OK, to not be on the highest flying disk. I take time to ease into the day, to look at what is good. I take slow and easy steps (With each sip of coffee) of what feels good to me right now.

  • Today is Saturday and I can take a nap if I want.
  • I can relax and let go of the expectations to get a lot done today.
  • I can choose to do nothing if I want.
  • A rainy day is great for a nap.
  • The birds are still singing, and I love hearing them.
  • After the rain everything is so green.

Do you see the path of least resistance my thoughts are taking? I may not always feel overly joyful, but I now feel at peace, I have a sense of well-being, and a general feeling of satisfaction.

My wish for you today is a day of gentle peace.

Please add your inspirations to here or the Facebook page. You may just add the one inspiration someone needs to ease a troubled spirit. Please comment, share and like so this can reach even more people.

Love and Blessing,

Find a Spark of Joy

I look for joy everyday. After learning that a joyful life leads to dreams coming true I do not want to live any other way. Since I have seen this truly happen time and time again in my life I look for reasons to be happy. Here is an example of finding a spark.

I had to run to the grocery store during my lunch break today. As I was getting out of my car I heard some rather loud music. I didn’t really pay attention to what it was. My first though was those people who have very loud stereos and think that everyone would like to hear what they are listening to. That is annoyance and is old programming.

As I got closer to the store I thought it was coming from some outside speakers. It really was nice music. Instrumental recent pop songs. Actually quite pleasant and I thought that was really a nice thing for the store to do in these days of covid. I even looked for speakers but soon realized it was not the store. It was two guys in the parking lot. One was masterfully playing an electric violin and the other held a sign.

In this time of unheard of amounts of unemployment and struggle, food rationing and hardships, these guys were out bringing joy to the masses. I took this as they are there for my en-joyment. I had such a big smile on my face. I know they were inspired to be there. Maybe they were trying to think of a way to make money. Well they were obviously doing what they enjoy doing but it was still work. The guy playing had sweat dripping off of his nose and streaking his face, while his shirt was plastered to his back. Seeing his face you could see he was doing what he loved doing.

In the times of terrible hardship these people are working, out in the hot Texas sun. Finding innovative ways to make money to pay their rent and buy food and at the same time bringing joy to so many people. Everyone around was smiling. You can tell by their eyes shinning over their face masks.

I am really glad I was there at that time. This is what letting inspiration lead you can do . I didn’t even turn on the radio on the way home. I just basked in the good feeling of joy that radiated from me.

Would you like to find events like this in your life. Would you like to turn off the worry and turn on the joy. I am glad you are here. You are in the right place. Subscribe to receive updates and you will find inspirations in your inbox. Welcome to the community.

Your Hostess and Journey Guide

I am the Ultimate optimist, or that is what my friends say about me. I have always seen the glass half full. Some people call it oblivious others say I am not a realist. Though with years of business experience and education I do have a level analytical mind as well.

I just prefer to see the good in people and to find satisfaction in my everyday. It just feels better. So if it feels better that is what I choose to do. A funny thing happened though. I looked around one day and realized that everything I wanted was happening. My dreams were being realized, my life is beautiful.

I decided to start researching to see how I was able to manifest such an extraordinary life. And I learned that joy and satisfaction and living in tune with my divine spirit were key to doing what I was already doing. I studied and practiced and learned to do this intentionally. I have learned how to intentionally create the life I want and I find that the longer I stay the path (of least resistance) the better things get and the greater the momentum of manifesting.

So, I decided to write a book to share what I have learned. Along with the book will also be tour dates to visit my friends in different cities and workshops both in person and virtual. We are building a community of people who are sick and tired of being sick and tired and are ready to be satisfied and joyful. Welcome to the Joy Quest. Please subscribe to the blog so you get notifications of new posts, workshops, tour dates, the book release and everything else we are going to be doing here. I am so hapy you are joining is. (No mailing list just site announcements)

You are also welcome to contact me directly with comments and questions and I will answer them. I offer one on one and group coaching as well.

Love and Blessings and let’s have a wonderful Journey.

Life is meant to be fun!!!

Ashley J. Spurgeon

A new Beginning

There comes a point in your life where you get tired of the stress and worry.

Your experience has been that life is hard. There are more bad days than good. Everything feels like a struggle

Joy Quest is the journey to leave the old behind and find your joy and satisfaction in living.

To go along with the Book “Joy Quest – 60 Days to a Happy Life” I have this authors website.

Here you will find all of the updates such as publication dates, speaking schedule, live and virtual events, the latest videos and podcasts and more.

Welcome and let’s enjoy the journey together.