Ashley J. Spurgeon

Writing is one of my passions, so I have created this site to focus around my latest book. Joy Quest 60 Day to a Happy Life. But the rest of the site is about my book this tells you a little about me.

I live South of Houston with my husband, son and German Shepherd. I have two daughters and a step daughter also. I love the constant green of Texas and the bright blue skies.

I have spent years in study, psychology, Women’s ministry and Marketing. I have also spent 30+ years working everything from fast food, running my pwn businesses to the corporate and legal world. I have been blessed with a diverse and wonderful life which just keeps getting better and better.

My favorite things to do are read, write, and spending time outdoors. I can never get enough of the beauty around me, whether it is a sunny day with Hummingbirds playing or cuddling with a good book during a rain storm.

This is my forth book and my biggest. I am so very excited about getting completed, getting it published, and begin touring to meet all of the people this will bring across my path. Looking forward to new adventures, friends and experiences.

Why do I sound so convinced this will happen. Just because it is what I want. When I look around my life I have everything I have wanted, so I create new things and I am always amazed at how they come to be. Now I can teach others how, by being joyful and satisfied they too can watch dreams manifest.

Love and Blessings,
Ashley J Spurgoen