New Year’s Resolutions

The new year, 2021, is almost here. I have been giving it a lot of thought because usually, we set New Year Resolutions. This year, the difference is that we were thrown into the realm of the unknown. 2020 was a year of the new and unexpected. We thought in January that this year would be similar to other years. We were hoping for a raise, a new lover, weight loss, or renewed health. We experienced a pandemic, loss, social unrest, and the strangest political year in American history.

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So, I ask you, what are your hopes for the new year? We have approximately 30 days left to contemplate this question. Are you going to list the same resolutions as all of the previous years? Lose weight, get in shape, find your true love, or start your million-dollar business enterprise? Those sound great but let me let you in on a little secret.

Everything everyone wants is what they think will bring them joy and happiness. So why not just set a resolution to find joy? You may tell me that you are not worthy of it, you are too fat or too thin, not healthy enough, not rich enough.  But I can dispel your fears. Nothing from outside of you will bring you lasting joy. It only comes from within. You have to experience joy first, and then those things in your life that you desire will begin to manifest in your life.

You will not find love if you do not love yourself. You will not find wealth as long as you feel lack. You will not find success if you focus on your failures. You will not find the mystical experience if you do not feel awe. You will not find health if you do not first find wholeness where you are.

As I wrote my book, “Joy Quest: A Journey to True Happiness,” I had to examine so much about myself that I thought might be lacking or unworthy. I found that I had a very happy life and unexplained success, the love I had always dreamed of, etc., because I did not define myself as others do.

So, this year take a new approach to the new year. Take time to mix things up and do things differently. As long as you keep repeating what is comfortable, safe, and known, you will not be able to forge a new path. I discovered how to create a new reality. I wanted a life of excitement, good health, love, and ease, and I have been able to create it. The things I thought were holding me back were only my habitual thoughts that I chose to hold on to.

What did I want when I already seemed to have so much? I wanted more freedom. I wanted a life that was new and exciting every day. I wanted each new day to be a new experience. So, I stepped into the unknown and created this reality for myself. I was pleasantly surprised to see my husband started picking up on this also. So now he has also created something new and more exciting for himself. The interesting part of that is though we have both been working on creating new lives and new paths, this work has only solidified our togetherness even more.

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If you have not yet read Joy Quest, you can get the paperback or Hardback at Amazon. The eBook edition will available in just days. The book introduces how to see the world differently; how to learn to follow your feelings as a guide to better thinking and thus manifesting. We will begin to go deeper here in my posts and Facebook group. I love going to the new levels of awareness, consciousness and creating what we want as a joyful reality. Once I finished writing the book, I had realized that I had already moved to a deeper understanding of what is possible. My posts and our conversations will be the format of what is to come next. We will see how the spiritual side of life is enlightening and how the mystical is being explained and deepened by our scientific understanding. We are going to dive into the quantum realm.

Available on Amazon
Hardcover and Paperback

Soon on eBook

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