Faith Renewed

Over the last few years, I had the opportunity to work for one of Houston’s top Bankruptcy law firms. As the Director of Marketing, I was often the first point of contact for people who had hit rock bottom financially. These are not people who come in because they were financially irresponsible. These people, these families, had experienced other life tragedies that led to financial ruin. A death in the family, life-threatening illnesses, divorce, and the list goes on. By the time people called us and asked for help, they had already tried everything they knew to do to regain their footing, to climb out of financial despair, and just could not do it on their own.

I spoke with the brokenhearted, devastated, and sometimes almost suicidal. We, the clients and I, have had many tearful conversations. I loved my job because of these conversations, phone calls, and face to face meetings over the last seven years. Years of building relationships with people as they rebuilt their lives, regained their hope and faith in the future.

The most beautiful aspect I got to witness was seeing people’s faith grow. Faith is a belief in something unseen, a belief in a dream not yet manifested. There is no separation or difference in race, religion, culture, or social standing. Faith is for everyone, faith brings hope, and hope leads to joy. I got to encourage and uplift people daily. I witnessed too many people, whether it was a Ch. 7 that takes a few months, or a Ch. 13 that lasts a few years, regain their faith in a new, fresh future.

Just like so many out there, COVID-19 hit strong, hard, and fast. The impact has touched everyone. A year ago, June 2019, I told my family and friends that I would only be working at the law firm until June of 2020. As May rolled in, I was starting to think I was wrong, and I could not see how to separate from the position. Until my boss announced his retirement starting in July 2020. It was a good time for him to make this transition. I am happy for him after his 40+ years of service to our community.

I am also happy because what I desired and had faith in coming about happened. Not of my own doing, but because I had faith. Faith to be able to follow my heart and desire to do something much bigger. Soon the world will reopen and speaking opportunities will come back. I will have full-time hours to complete my book. I can coach more convenient hours in the day.

One of my mantras is, “Everything is temporary.” We live in a dynamic, ever-changing world. Knowing this is wonderful because even if we cannot see it yet, this gives us something to look forward to something to bring hope.

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When we connect to our divinity, our spirit, our eternal connection to God, source, the universe; Our desires line up for us. We do not have to do anything more than follow the inspiration and intuitions. Believing “everything is temporary,” and “this too shall pass” can lead to faith and hope in the future.

Find a spark of hope and hold onto that. Fan those flames into growth. Have faith in an unseen future. When you have faith and let go of trying to control everything is where inspiration leads, you will see much better than what you can do on your own.

Love and Blessings,
Ashley J Spurgeon

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