Finding Joy in Every Day

It is not everyday that you wake up ready to greet a new day. In our Joy Quest we seek joy more often, but we also know some days just do not always work out the way you hope. Joy Quest is not about living in a constant state of bliss, that would be exhausting. Just to find a place within which joy resides more often than frustration and worry.

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I started the website and Facebook community for two reasons. The first, is so people see the direction my book is heading and feel the energy behind it. This energy is the basis of my life, but even more my speaking, writing, workshops coaching and more. The second is to have a place for all the beautiful people who want more, who want better, can connect. A place to share your inspirations, dreams and communicate with a community of like minded individuals to help elevate the level of joy in their daily life.

We are taking manifesting to a new level. We know that we want happy lives. In our want we reach out to have things and people in our lives in the attempt to find that happiness. It may sooth us for a while, but it is temporary. In joy quest we learn that finding joy and satisfaction first is the key to creating the life we want. No more cause and effect, we are stepping into causing an effect. When this is our life and we are connected to the Divine God force energy through our joy, the things we desire begin flowing into our lives in wonderful, unexpected ways.

So, some mornings you are not feeling very joyful? What do you do? It is easy, respect where you are. Take some time to meditate to clear out the cobwebs of that past and give you a clearer vision of a new future. Then take a few moments to just be grateful. Gratefulness opens the heart. (This has been recorded scientifically and I am fascinated by the research.) As your heart opens the Universal love flows. You may not jump all the way to joy, but satisfaction works. If you do not feel satisfaction, then let in optimism. If you do not feel the reach to optimism, then just sit in a general feeling of well-being. Know that everything always works out. You know it does because you can look back over your life and see that.

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How do you know everything works out? You are still here. You have not starved to death, you are breathing, life is happening all around you. Do not try to evaluate things specifically when you do not feel at a good place. Look at life generally.

Our day today is predicating heavy rains, it is gray out, my dog kept me up a lot last night. My first thoughts this morning was I wanted more sleep, not that of, “Oh yeah, another day of rainbows and sunshine.” It is perfectly OK, to not be on the highest flying disk. I take time to ease into the day, to look at what is good. I take slow and easy steps (With each sip of coffee) of what feels good to me right now.

  • Today is Saturday and I can take a nap if I want.
  • I can relax and let go of the expectations to get a lot done today.
  • I can choose to do nothing if I want.
  • A rainy day is great for a nap.
  • The birds are still singing, and I love hearing them.
  • After the rain everything is so green.

Do you see the path of least resistance my thoughts are taking? I may not always feel overly joyful, but I now feel at peace, I have a sense of well-being, and a general feeling of satisfaction.

My wish for you today is a day of gentle peace.

Please add your inspirations to here or the Facebook page. You may just add the one inspiration someone needs to ease a troubled spirit. Please comment, share and like so this can reach even more people.

Love and Blessing,

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