Your Hostess and Journey Guide

I am the Ultimate optimist, or that is what my friends say about me. I have always seen the glass half full. Some people call it oblivious others say I am not a realist. Though with years of business experience and education I do have a level analytical mind as well.

I just prefer to see the good in people and to find satisfaction in my everyday. It just feels better. So if it feels better that is what I choose to do. A funny thing happened though. I looked around one day and realized that everything I wanted was happening. My dreams were being realized, my life is beautiful.

I decided to start researching to see how I was able to manifest such an extraordinary life. And I learned that joy and satisfaction and living in tune with my divine spirit were key to doing what I was already doing. I studied and practiced and learned to do this intentionally. I have learned how to intentionally create the life I want and I find that the longer I stay the path (of least resistance) the better things get and the greater the momentum of manifesting.

So, I decided to write a book to share what I have learned. Along with the book will also be tour dates to visit my friends in different cities and workshops both in person and virtual. We are building a community of people who are sick and tired of being sick and tired and are ready to be satisfied and joyful. Welcome to the Joy Quest. Please subscribe to the blog so you get notifications of new posts, workshops, tour dates, the book release and everything else we are going to be doing here. I am so hapy you are joining is. (No mailing list just site announcements)

You are also welcome to contact me directly with comments and questions and I will answer them. I offer one on one and group coaching as well.

Love and Blessings and let’s have a wonderful Journey.

Life is meant to be fun!!!

Ashley J. Spurgeon

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