Welcome to the Journey – Joy Quest 60 Days to a Happy Life

We are learning to live a life of Joy. In that joy beautiful desires are free to manifest in our lives.

These pages keep you up to date of the writing and publishing of “Joy Quest – 60 Days to a Happy Life”

Also with the updates are regular blog posts, podcasts, videos, live and virtual events and speaking and tour schedule (Coming Soon) to keep you inspired and moving away from worry and stress and towards joy and satisfaction

Latest from the Blog

Desires Do Come True when You Line Up with Them

I am excited now in my life because a long-time desire to leave my day job and work full-time on my business is fully manifesting. I got a sample of … Desires Do Come True when You Line Up with Them

Do Not Talk Yourself Out of Your Dreams

I heard a talk years ago from a man who researched end of life regrets. He visited with seniors in nursing homes and hospice care. The number one … Do Not Talk Yourself Out of Your Dreams

Follow Your Dream

Anyone who has read my articles knows I am about transforming life, manifesting, and dreams realized. I write about these things because I have witnessed firsthand that we can be, do, and have our desires. I also understand that words do not teach, experience teaches. Words do guide, inspire, and help lead to inspirations so …

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